Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Metatrons free Epic Gems


Todays tip is for everyone who have 30 minutes time per week for gaining 1 to 2 free epic gems.

Well it is quite simple one, but most people are not doing Wintergrasp cause of laziness, lags or an overpowerd opposite faction.

But if you invest some time for doing your Wintergrasp weeklies, you will get something around 18,6k honor (+PvP honor), 50 Stone Keeper Shards and <66g for only one Wintergrasp victory. If you purchase your honor for epic gems, then you make 200g+ for 30 minutes of work (???) and you can repeat it on all your lvl 80 alts.

So if you have some time between crafting (or while crafting^^) and camping the AH, you can make a stop in Wintergrasp for some easy to obtain money.

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