Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to farm Abyss Crystals in Wintergrasp

Hi it's Metaron. As you mentioned, I don't post the topic with my name this time cause I want to try this version for posting and it looks a lot better than my last topics.

Boaah is offline for quite some time and I don't know when he returns. So I am posting on my own the next time.

Back to topic. After my last post (and Seths podcast @One Copper) about making money with fast honor grinding in Wintergrasp, I would like to mention that the buyable items on vendor are DE able. So yes you heard right. For every 5 won Wintergrasp, you will get one free Abyss Crystal (if you are an Enchanter). So if you are interessted in making some gold while PvPing, Wintergrasp would be your first choice.

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  1. Good to know, though farming reg ToC I think is still the fastest way to farm Abyss Crystals. Just depends whether your priority is to pvp, or farm crystals.