Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day of the Dead

So another new World Event is coming this night and it is a new one to make some money.

First of all, there is a new Recipe on Vendors. I don't know if this one is BoP, but if not, don't forget to buy a few and resell them at the AH. Keep in mind that this event is only for two days (sunday/monday) so if someone will miss it, they want to buy the recipe at the AH. Just check it out.

Another point are the materials for this recipe. Bread of the Dead requires only 1 Simple Flour and 1 Ice Cold Milk. Most people don't know that Ice Cold Milk is buyable on most Innkeepers. So be prepared for a lot of morons who will buy Milk and Flour at the AH.

I hope you have a lot of fun the next two days on the Deay of the Dead

Monday, October 26, 2009

Frist cry after crashing the market

Tonight I got a message from someone I don't know personally, but I knew that he was one of my competitors for some weeks.

He tells me that he is glad to buy my glyphs and to resell them 500% higher then I do and making a lot of money with them.

Well, first of all, he hasn't bought my glyphs so far (and I am still the cheapest), the second thing is, he doesn't sell any glyphs at the moment with a 500% profit.

For all of you who can't read/speak german: his german sucks. I don't know what he wants to tell me. He is buying my glyphs and reselling them for much more gold. So what? I made profit and he "want" to make profit with 50g glyphs in a 3g market. I looked into my BeanCounter and there was no sold glyph to him.

So what I can expect?

1. He knows something about buying/selling
2. He doesn't know the glyph market at all
3. He is one of the old competitors who are crying about the small profit of glyphs at the moment

Overall he is only a small crying fish in the big market of the AH and there is no need to fear anyone after such a stupid mail.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to farm Abyss Crystals in Wintergrasp

Hi it's Metaron. As you mentioned, I don't post the topic with my name this time cause I want to try this version for posting and it looks a lot better than my last topics.

Boaah is offline for quite some time and I don't know when he returns. So I am posting on my own the next time.

Back to topic. After my last post (and Seths podcast @One Copper) about making money with fast honor grinding in Wintergrasp, I would like to mention that the buyable items on vendor are DE able. So yes you heard right. For every 5 won Wintergrasp, you will get one free Abyss Crystal (if you are an Enchanter). So if you are interessted in making some gold while PvPing, Wintergrasp would be your first choice.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Metatrons crashing the market

Kay guys. It happened earlyer than I thought, but this weekend I'll get rid of my competition!

After a slow week of sells cause of an AH camper (multiboxer posting with 3 chars at the same time), I was about to enrage. Only 3 sells over night, none sells over 7 hours from morning posts until lunch posts and the rest of the day I had to keep up with him every 20 minutes.

So I crashed the market. The first round was a 52g undercut to drive those high sell glyphs down. Threshold is 2g84s, fallback 5g. After the first round, I changed my undercut to 40s and postcap to 5 glyphs per round and I am holding 2,5k Glyphs at the AH (3,3k total at the AH), so I don't have to check every few hours my auctions.

With my new won time, I am going to farm some of my missing achievements for my warlock. Right now I am farming Ravenholdt rep to revered so that I can turn in Heavy Junkboxer from my farmer. If I get lazy on rep farming, I grind some HKs in Isle of Conquest for my 100k and Master of Isle of Conquest achievements.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Metatrons free Epic Gems


Todays tip is for everyone who have 30 minutes time per week for gaining 1 to 2 free epic gems.

Well it is quite simple one, but most people are not doing Wintergrasp cause of laziness, lags or an overpowerd opposite faction.

But if you invest some time for doing your Wintergrasp weeklies, you will get something around 18,6k honor (+PvP honor), 50 Stone Keeper Shards and <66g for only one Wintergrasp victory. If you purchase your honor for epic gems, then you make 200g+ for 30 minutes of work (???) and you can repeat it on all your lvl 80 alts.

So if you have some time between crafting (or while crafting^^) and camping the AH, you can make a stop in Wintergrasp for some easy to obtain money.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Metatron finally reached Goldcap

So this is it.

I already got cap yesterday evening (Oct.19.2009) but I had no time to post something. It took at least 8 weeks from 20k investment gold to reach the cap. So it is quite easy, so I am looking forward to achieve 500k and maybe 1kk Gold ^^

This means that this is my new "Zero Gold Line" and I dont want to drop below. I am preparing dual speccs for my alts, a chopper and going to "The Insane" Achievement for my warlock. I finally found a farmer for Heavy Junkboxes for 10g/each. So that makes 14k Gold for Ravenholdt Revered to Exalted.

I grab every Pristine Black Diamond for under 60g and I am looking for librams at the AH (mostly they go for 1s bid. I only have to camp them :) ).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Metatron says Thank you!

First of all, I want to thank everyone to mention our blog on your sides :)

WoWenomics to mention our Blog on their Blogroll.
Belsebub from The Happy Scribe to take our Blog on his Blogroll.
Tella from Hit the Cap! to take our Blog on her Blogroll.

Special thanks goes to Sarainy from AH-Whoring and KevMar from My Auction House Banker for their tips to make an even better Blog for you :)

If I didn't mentioned you and your site, please let me know about this :)

Boaahs Day

I pushed the price from 35g back to 70g but 2 guys are undercutting me with 5-10g so that the price went down to 30g again and i bought every Eternal Belt buckle and looked what my competitor does.. he instantly used his Hearthstone and farmed 2 hours but the an other competitor just bought him up. So that the price went to 70g again

After some whispers with my hardest Competitioner i caclulated wich Crafted Epic makes the most Profit. Its the Titansteel Bonecrusher with 430g profit but i dont think that some one buys it.
Number 2 is Titansteel Shanker with 335g profit and i want to craft 2-3 of them to see how fast i sell them.

The next thing that cost so much Gold are the damn enchants and gems.. i got 2 new Epics and had to pay 750g for just 2 enchants and 4 gems.. the stupid thing is that I got the same items from the non hc version this week and that makes 1200g just for 4 epics..

But theres another thing that fuck me up.. the damn waiting times for Battlegrounds.. 4-6 Achievements left for battlemaster but it is impossible with a 15 minute wait time because i lose patience with so long wait times.. i hope blizz will change it with 3.3 or i wont get the title..

Uhm btw, i will stream our ToC25 nhc alt run today at 19.30 if someone is interessted just visit the stream.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hallows End

Since tonight, the Headless Horseman is in town.

Well, there are no new BoE epics for nice trades in his loottable, so you have to stick to the old version of making money like last year.

Everybody is looking for transformation to complete their The Masquerade achievement for the title. So if you play a low lvl toon on an other server and you need some starter gold, go get every hour your bag of candy and hope for some Hallowed Wands and sell your charges for 10g fee (depends on your server). So you will get some nice starter gold for professions or AH digging.

Another bigger option is if you have no interests in mounts, to run with all of your characters to scarlet monastry and kill the Headless Horseman. If you got lucky and his very rare mount The Horseman's Reins drops, you can sell your passing on this mount for some thousand gold or even roll for it and then sell it to one of your group if he realy want to have it. This way of making money requires at least a lvl80 cause nobody will take your lowlvl alts to this event when you dont have the daylie quest for calling him.

I hope you get lucky drops and have fun with slaugtherin the HH ^^

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reaching the firtst goal

First of all, I had a busy week so I couldn't post that much. So i give you a summary of my week so far.

I'm struggling around 206k gold right now with a 1k stock of ink left. A friend of mine started to farm herbs to make money and I told him to sell everything to me or he has to use it for himself. So he crafted 6 decks of nobles and other stuff and had a stock of 1,5k Ink over and he sold it to me for 35g.

So for this weekend I had a lot of Ink and I have setup my QA for the future cause of my big stock of glyphs. I have crafted a stack of 15 of every glyph I can craft. That costs me 2k Ink and 6 hours of crafting. It is just a pain to craft such a huge amount of glyphs in a row, but cause of preparing for the "Crash my server" strategy (posting 10 glyphs in a cycle of 48h hours at 3g threshold and 6g fallback) I need a big amount of glyphs.

I think I will reach my frist goal (goldcap) on monday or at least on tuesday and I am in week 7 of starting to make gold. If I keep this up until the addon will be released it can be something around 1kk (Zam I am coming!!!).

Something Off-Topic:
The new JMTC Channel is just awesome. It is a lot faster for talking about strategies to take over your AH, coding new features for your addons and make speculations for upcoming events. It is a lot of fun to talk about with people all over the world with the same passion to make gold.

I also started my way to achieve Insane in the Membrane. I bought 15 Pristine Black Diamond and some librams for Shen'dralar reputation.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Summary of the last days

I made 13,5k Gold in the last Days but only 5,5k are in my Inventory cause I got many new Epics and the Enchants and Gems are so expensive that the whole PvE thing(enchants, gems, repair, flask and food) costs me 2k gold in the last days.

I gained 5400g from Eternal Belt Buckle and 1400g from the Weapon Chains. 70% of the Mats were bought and the costs of the mats are about 60% of the average Sell price. So I made about 3k Gold with it. 100% of the mats were farmed on my own so I made 100% profit with it. But I sold 2 crafted iLvL 200 Epics for about 1400g and made ~800g profit with it. I sold some Crusader Orbs for the Emblems from raiding ToC 10, 10hc, 25 and 25hc and some Dailys. That are about 4 orbs and I sold them all for 2800g.

There are still many Mats left but no Eternal shadow and the Price for them raised to 16g each from 6g. It would be a big deficit if i buy the mats at the AH. Because the Price for the Belt Buckle dropped really low. My competitor and i tried to push the price back to about 65 gold but some one dropped the price down to 45g again.. Its just to high to buy it up like we did with the other Belt Buckles for 30g.

I want to push the price down to about 30g to buy everything from the guys how farm the mats on her own. So i can bring the Price back to 65g with 35g profit. But i still want to Craft new epics to sell them for 400g Profit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm unsocial!

Yes, so be it and I'm proud of it!

This evening I was checking trade channel for some cheap comeins but our server is this lazy that there are no profession offering spams like a big server can make in 10 seconds, so we can read our entire trade chat without missing trolls and flamers.

So I found a guy who was searching for Glyph of Hemorrhage and I said to him that every glyph is at the AH. He was complaining that my prices were ridiculous (kay I am selling his glyph for my fallback at the moment [75g]) and I told him that he realy dont want to know how often people will buy it for this prices. Kay I was lying, there are not that much, but it still sells for this ^^ So he searched for some one other than my glyphs and he found 10 minutes later someone who could craft him his glyph. I say could cause the other guy want to have an Ink of the Sea for this and he had none of them. So the guy who was complaining my prices came back to me and asked me if I want to sell him an Ink of the Sea. I said "Sure I can" and he was quite happy to hear that. Well...the topic said that I'm unsocial. So what did I told him?

"Man you can get your Ink of the Sea for only 75g! It is cheap, trust me" I bought every other Ink of the Sea out of the AH and relist them for 100g each (we had only one stack up at that time for 44g). He complained again over my ridiculous prices, called me an unsocial bastard and got on his ignore list :<

Too bad. I hope my competitors make nice sells to him at even higher prices, cause this guy will never buy again one of my glyphs ^^

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend summary

So weekend have come to an end and it was a great one. Overall I made a profit of 7,5k on my shaman and 2,5k on my glyph posting alt and in total 10k+.

Now it is time to craft my empty stacks of glyphs.

I craft 2 times a week, on Friday and on Monday. Friday for preperation for the weekend and Monday to craft my sold stocks after weekend. In the meantime I craft a stack of 10 of every glyph I can craft. Glyphs with a high demand to a stack of 14. But how do I know what are good glyphs and what are "not that good" glyphs?

Weekends can be used to find out what are hot and what are cold sales. So I sold completly out of DK minor glyphs (14 glyphs of Pestilence/Horn of Winter/Raise Dead). Cause of I know already that this glyphs are in high demand, so I got a good amount of them to relist them 4-5 times a day.

Then there are glyphs like Ice Block. You know there is always the possibility that someone who have no clue of his class will buy something cheap and maybe useful in his way of thinking. So it is necessary to keep every glyph in your stock. If you run out of glyphs you maybe miss sales and every sale is profit (most of the time).

So how can you use weekends to check the possibility of sales? A good way to do this is with Market Watcher
. This is a great Addon to check your market and how it is working (ups and downs over a week/month) and you can check your competition if they are undercutting you everytime you post your glyphs or they run out of stuck and are not crafting anymore. Test it out. It makes it a lot easyier to check your markets.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boaah's Day 1

Day one is over and I made lots of loss. I bought 5 Stacks Titanium ore and made titanium steel with it. I paid 15G for their Cool down and my friend crafted a Titansteel Shield Wall. I hope that it sells fast but If not, I know that I won’t build it again. That’s the reason why I wait before I craft another Epic.

Today I made 1282G but I bought the Mats for about 30g. The Price increased to 60g over the night but dropped to 40g till now. The overall cost for the mats was ~650g. So I made ~630g profit just for crafting about 20 Belt Buckle.

The titanium weapon chains doesn’t sell fast but I have no costs for crafting cause I farmed the Mats in 2-3 farm sessions and still got 47 Chains left. So I made 507g with it.

After 2 Raids I got some new iLvL 245 Epics but the costs for enchants and Gems was about 1500g so I lost many gold but I should make enough Gold with so many mats and goods left without high costs for many Profit.

I know that it isnt much Gold but im just a noob in this buisness ;>

Btw: Sry for some mistakes, my english isnt the best ;p

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Introducing Pt.2

So I play a Rogue since the early US-Beta and never played a other Class. I started with a Dwarf Rogue but changed the faction last week and joined a raid guild. We cleared ToC hc 4/5 and Im also a PvP Player(S1/S2 top 10 and in Wotlk #1 on Our realm).

I know Metatron since i changed the Realm and helped him with his Battlemaster Achievement. We talked alot over ICQ about much things going on in WoW. I just ended with WoW in 3.1 and rerolled ago 3 weeks and he told me how much gold he made and i was just impressed but i had no chance to make gold on Alliance on our Realm. But then the Service to change the fraction came to EU and my Dwarf changed to a UD.

My UD got only Mining cause i unlearnd engineering after the stealth detection nerf. So i thought how i could make gold with mining and i found the first way: I farmed Saronit and Titanium at Wintergrasp and a friend crafted 30 Eternal Belt Buckle and lots of Titanium Weapon Chain. I sold every 30 Belt Buckle on the first day but i notice that i made to many Titanium Weapon chain's. My friend crafted new Eternal Belt Buckle and i sold them again very fast.

I just got some competition but it was no Problem and i made 1684 gold with it. I only sold 7 Weapon chains and made 484 gold with them but i still have 44 and notice that i need an other way to use the Titanium ore and there is my next plan:
I still make Eternal Belt Buckle but i dont craft any Weapon chains. I prospect about 50% of the Titanium Ore for Epic gems and the other 50% are for Titansteel Bars and will be used to craft Epic stuff like here.

Day 1

Okay lets start this weekend with some setup of my characters.

First of all, my Warlock is a non Trader. That means that I am not playing him at the moment cause of lazyness. So I am only on my shaman, my Glyph crafting machine.

On my shaman I got 150k gold, 4 Inscription Bags in my Bag and 5 Inscription Bags in my Bank. I start the morning with canceling all undercuts on my shaman, log onto my alt for checking the second glyph wave, so it takes some time to get rid of these penetrant competitors ^^

After that I scan the AH with MarketWatcher (Carbon at A Gnome's Conquest wrote an create articel about it yesterday) to check some of my major gold making glyphs, herbs and enchanting mats (this is the next market I want to dominate). Than a fast scan with auctioneer, checking for some cheap herbs or something else, crafting missing glyphs and the day could start with playing other wow stuff.

Since mmo-c released their guide, I got 2 more competitioner. They are undercutting for 1c and canceling/repost every hour (or 2 hours) so I have to make them go crazy. But at the moment there is no way for me to drive them out cause of my late investement in inscription. I am only at 83% recipes, so if I want to drive the market down to 5g for every glyph I can make, there is too much room for them to make money and they can undercut me. I will delay my crash for some weeks (maybe until I get my first goal) and researching the last glyphs over the next weeks.

Another point to crash the market, is that you have enough stock of every glyph, enough ink and your herb supplyer. After I saw that some competitors are raising, I told every herb seller at the AH to supply only for me. Not everyone was amused, but I got 3 supplyer. One is sending me herbs every 3 days everything he has for only 10g per stack (Icethorn, Lichbloom, Adders too), the other 2 guys are sending unregular and get 14g per stack. So if you want to dominate your server, watch out for everyone (supplyer and competitor).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Introducing Pt.1

So today we start up with introducing myself, talk about my goals, my tactics and other topics.

About me
So my name is Metatron, playing WoW since early release (no, no beta player) and made a lot of raiding and pvp over these past years on a german PvP server (german native language - I hope my english is well enough ^^). Cause of this history, I was looking for something new and after searching on sides like I found an article of Gevlon from Greedy Goblin and I loved his writing about to be a goblin and how easy it is to make a lot of money in no time.
In the past, I made gold with doing daylies for reputation or grinding for vanity items and the first bigger step was grinding for my loremaster achievement and I was the first person (tailor) on our server who got the Deathchill Cloak. I made over 14k gold in 2 weeks and I only take fees for crafting them. After that, I bought everything I could get for my money (Travelers, Ice Mammoth and other stuff) and I got lazy on my money.
After reading Gevlons articel about his inscription market, I made a choice that I am going to make money without farming for it. So I checked my characters:

Metatron (Warlock) - Tailoring 450 (every recipe ingame) / Alchemy 450 (Potion - every recipe ingame)
Ertael (Druid) - Herbalism 450 / Mining 450
Faqual (Shaman) - Alchemy 450 (Transmute) / Inscription 450 (still in research)
Rusyuna (DK) - Enchanting 350 / Blacksmithing 230

At this time I checked my characters, I had no Inscription up, so I started my buisiness with cleaning up my own guildbanks. That brought me a nice start up cache of 10k gold. After that I bought epicgems with my honor and emblemes of 4 lvl80 chars and got on patch day a stock up of 160 epicgems. I searched for a jewelcrafter and I set up my stock for season 7 arena start and on next patch day, I made 20k gold in 2 days.

With this 30k gold I lvled my inscription, bought every book of glyph mastery for 100g and bought a lot of herbs. I am researching every day and I got 83% of all glyphs. After 6 weeks in Inscription now, I am at 180.000 gold. You read right. 6 Weeks and up from 30k to 180k gold. Thats 600%+ over this 6 week, 100% profit each week.

What to expect?
- Two diffrent writer on one blog

- Interessting storys about low populated servers (high pop are always so impersonal)

- gold making

- PvE/PvP storys

- Farming/Gold making tips

About my goals
My goal in the first step is to reach the gold cap javascript:void(0)mark. Quit easy at this point. If it keeps up like this then this mark is in no far future. After reaching it, I will go for the next vanity parts for my Warlock (I am an extreme Achievementhunter - 9,1k points without raiding Ulduar/ToC). My lock is going for a chopper and the Achievement Insane in the Membrane and I am buying my alts dual specc + epic flying.

I will keep in mind that my goldcap will be a new zero line (like 00g00s00c) cause of my goblinism ^^

At all, I hope you will enjoy my writing about my way to achieve my goals in the long term and I think, my partner is going to post his story today too

The beginning...

...of something big? ^^ So today I start another "new" blog for gold making.

So you ask what is so special about our blog? Maybe you already checked the Contributors part on the right side, so I am not alone. A friend of mine started his gold making this week and asked me for tips cause I am one of the big inscription names on our server and he wanted to start a blog but don't know a topic.

So we talked a bit about a topic and thought that it would be nice to make a blog about our gold making life. And here it is ^^ I think the overall topic is self explaining and now everyone will write his expectations and thoughts about making gold on a low populated server like ours.

I hope I have your interests and we will begin tonight with an discription of ourselfs ^^