Saturday, October 24, 2009

Metatrons crashing the market

Kay guys. It happened earlyer than I thought, but this weekend I'll get rid of my competition!

After a slow week of sells cause of an AH camper (multiboxer posting with 3 chars at the same time), I was about to enrage. Only 3 sells over night, none sells over 7 hours from morning posts until lunch posts and the rest of the day I had to keep up with him every 20 minutes.

So I crashed the market. The first round was a 52g undercut to drive those high sell glyphs down. Threshold is 2g84s, fallback 5g. After the first round, I changed my undercut to 40s and postcap to 5 glyphs per round and I am holding 2,5k Glyphs at the AH (3,3k total at the AH), so I don't have to check every few hours my auctions.

With my new won time, I am going to farm some of my missing achievements for my warlock. Right now I am farming Ravenholdt rep to revered so that I can turn in Heavy Junkboxer from my farmer. If I get lazy on rep farming, I grind some HKs in Isle of Conquest for my 100k and Master of Isle of Conquest achievements.


  1. I honestly had no idea what you meant on how you drove the market down, no really what that does to benefit you. All the guy has to do, is buy you out and then mark them up higher again.

  2. Well, if he want to buy 3k glyphs for 3g, he can do it of course ^^ But he is only posting glyphs I can't craft and he is not posting other glyphs, even if they are at 5g. So if I drive him out for 1-2 weeks, he doesn't want to look for the AH and relist his glyphs and I can reset the market. He didn't make money in this time so we are struggling around the same amount of gold.

  3. I would advise posting more than 5 glyphs at a time for the more popular glyphs, only because he/she can easily buy you out and repost at a higher price for the time being you are away. At least if you post like 20 at a time then he has to rethink about buying you out since 5x20 = 100g. He then has to warrant whether or not he will sell, for example: 5 of those glyphs @ 20g each, before you come back and repost more at 5g.

    Personally, if I have done my research on what glyphs are most popular for each class for every spec both major/minor. That allows me to focus on those since they will sell the best. If you did that and flooded the AH with those only, you will be making a lot of money and driving out your competition.