Monday, October 26, 2009

Frist cry after crashing the market

Tonight I got a message from someone I don't know personally, but I knew that he was one of my competitors for some weeks.

He tells me that he is glad to buy my glyphs and to resell them 500% higher then I do and making a lot of money with them.

Well, first of all, he hasn't bought my glyphs so far (and I am still the cheapest), the second thing is, he doesn't sell any glyphs at the moment with a 500% profit.

For all of you who can't read/speak german: his german sucks. I don't know what he wants to tell me. He is buying my glyphs and reselling them for much more gold. So what? I made profit and he "want" to make profit with 50g glyphs in a 3g market. I looked into my BeanCounter and there was no sold glyph to him.

So what I can expect?

1. He knows something about buying/selling
2. He doesn't know the glyph market at all
3. He is one of the old competitors who are crying about the small profit of glyphs at the moment

Overall he is only a small crying fish in the big market of the AH and there is no need to fear anyone after such a stupid mail.


  1. You may already have thought of this, but isn't it possible that he has bought them from an alt? While it would be idiotic to do that and then send a mail from another character some people are that stupid. But as I said, you'd most likely notice if anyone bought up large amounts of glyphs but it doesn't hurt asking.

  2. I already checked BeanCounter for large sells, but there was nothing that looked like a buyout and resell. Only blabla in his words

  3. Off topic but what are you using to make your user interface black like that. I like the cleanliness of it.