Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Short update

Sorry for all this waiting.

I'm busy with exams for 4 weeks now and there are not that many updates to make gold.

Lvled Enchanting to 450
Lvled Jewelcrafting to 450
Lvled Blacksmith to 450

Tomorrow is Patchday in europe, so I will show you what I got so far.

I hope you enjoy the first week of the new patch and get a lot of money.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boaah is Back ;3

It was a long time since my last post/auction..

I got many things to do irl, I moved to Erfurt (400km from away from my old City) and my relationship with my GF is terminated(i hope that it is the right Word).. That’s the reason why the lust is gone but now I feel like coming back to the AH. ;p I left my Raid Guild and I’m playing Pvp only atm (4 Achievements left for Battlemaster). The plans for my first Pvp Video have started.

One of my friends stopped playing. The problem is, that his Account got every Professions that I needed (BS and JC). So that I need a new way to make gold and I calculated around and thought, that I should be able to make Gold with Cooking. So, I skilled cooking from 200-447. Now I have to learn the Recipes and that will take some Days but the first 2 Recipes are Available and already made gold with it. ;p

The next Blog Post will contain some Analysis in connection with Cooking on our Realm.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I support Goldsellers!

Well not directly, but if you think about the Goldseller cycle, it makes me a little bit happy that I as a goblin can make a lot more money than a Goldseller could do.

The normal cycle works like this:

Goldseller farms Ore/Herb/Leather or other stuff and sell it to us goblins (most of the time) for gold. We make something more valuable and sell it to community. Now the community is buying gold from goldsellers.

So indirect I support Goldsellers, even if I don't like their way of making money. In the end, I will make even more gold when the community is buying gold from Goldsellers. If you think a short time about buying gold, you will mention that you will buy your own gold. Sounds a little bit stupid to buy your own stuff for real cash, isn't it? ^^

Saturday, November 7, 2009

3.3 preparation Part One

Todays post is about patch 3.3 preparation. This patch makes a huge impact on economy in a lot of professions, so you have to be careful and read a lot on MMO and WoR for changes.

My normal prep for patches with new content and new arena season is the typically glyph, gems and enchanting mats.

  • Glyphs
Well in the meantime, it will be the normal cycle. Post on tuesday (yeah german realms go offline on tuesday night) and wait for hysterical glyph buying after class nerf and buffs and make a lot of money. This time there will be more glyph recipes to buy from the Dalarans' Inscription Supplier and this glyphs will be hot sellers in the first week. One normal glyph with Ethereal Ink and two others with Snowfall Ink. Be sure that you set your threshold for this glyphs at you snowfall ink prices (AH price) .

  • Enchanting Mats
New instances (new VoA boss 10/25, ICC 10/25, new 5man with 3 parts nhc/hc - that makes 10 new instances with loot tables) and new arena season. So everybody will get a lot of new gear for their mains and alts. So be prepared that it will take a lot of stock to keep up . But it will take the same probleme as ToC 5man. It will be easily overfarmed and a lot of groups will disenchant the new loot, so prices for Abyss Crystals will drop (in my opinion) 2 weeks after patch release cause of overdoing the new 5man instance. If you ask me, sell your Abyss Crystals before patch and only keep some stacks.

  • Gems
With the new 5man instance and a lot more gear with empty sockets, you will make a lot of sells in the first 2 weeks. So get a good stock for this time. Most used gems will be the ones like before, so check armory of top PvEs and read on Elitist Jerks if you don't know what gems will be hot sellers. Keep in mind that not only "normal" epic gems will be needed. A lot of new head slot items will drop in the new instances. While the new instances are up, after one or two weeks there is going to be a big need of PvP gems for all classes. With the upcoming change there will be 25 Arena Points for the PvP Daylie, so everybody will chase a lot faster for their gear than ever before.

  • Leg enchants
At least there will be the last big rush on Leg enchants of WotLK in the first few weeks After 2-3 weeks there will be a slower and steady income with Leg enchants, so if you want to make fast money, be prepared for a lot of new leg slot items from the new 5man.

So this is my normal setup for patches. In the next part I will talk about specific profession patches.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

100k Honorable Kills

Okay it took me some time and I made no big money in this time, but finally I reached one of my smaller goals.

So there is only one Battleground Achievement left in my list before I start farming rep for "the Insane".

I will start in the near future with explaining my preparation for patch 3.3 so be prepared ^^

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day of the Dead

So another new World Event is coming this night and it is a new one to make some money.

First of all, there is a new Recipe on Vendors. I don't know if this one is BoP, but if not, don't forget to buy a few and resell them at the AH. Keep in mind that this event is only for two days (sunday/monday) so if someone will miss it, they want to buy the recipe at the AH. Just check it out.

Another point are the materials for this recipe. Bread of the Dead requires only 1 Simple Flour and 1 Ice Cold Milk. Most people don't know that Ice Cold Milk is buyable on most Innkeepers. So be prepared for a lot of morons who will buy Milk and Flour at the AH.

I hope you have a lot of fun the next two days on the Deay of the Dead

Monday, October 26, 2009

Frist cry after crashing the market

Tonight I got a message from someone I don't know personally, but I knew that he was one of my competitors for some weeks.

He tells me that he is glad to buy my glyphs and to resell them 500% higher then I do and making a lot of money with them.

Well, first of all, he hasn't bought my glyphs so far (and I am still the cheapest), the second thing is, he doesn't sell any glyphs at the moment with a 500% profit.

For all of you who can't read/speak german: his german sucks. I don't know what he wants to tell me. He is buying my glyphs and reselling them for much more gold. So what? I made profit and he "want" to make profit with 50g glyphs in a 3g market. I looked into my BeanCounter and there was no sold glyph to him.

So what I can expect?

1. He knows something about buying/selling
2. He doesn't know the glyph market at all
3. He is one of the old competitors who are crying about the small profit of glyphs at the moment

Overall he is only a small crying fish in the big market of the AH and there is no need to fear anyone after such a stupid mail.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to farm Abyss Crystals in Wintergrasp

Hi it's Metaron. As you mentioned, I don't post the topic with my name this time cause I want to try this version for posting and it looks a lot better than my last topics.

Boaah is offline for quite some time and I don't know when he returns. So I am posting on my own the next time.

Back to topic. After my last post (and Seths podcast @One Copper) about making money with fast honor grinding in Wintergrasp, I would like to mention that the buyable items on vendor are DE able. So yes you heard right. For every 5 won Wintergrasp, you will get one free Abyss Crystal (if you are an Enchanter). So if you are interessted in making some gold while PvPing, Wintergrasp would be your first choice.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Metatrons crashing the market

Kay guys. It happened earlyer than I thought, but this weekend I'll get rid of my competition!

After a slow week of sells cause of an AH camper (multiboxer posting with 3 chars at the same time), I was about to enrage. Only 3 sells over night, none sells over 7 hours from morning posts until lunch posts and the rest of the day I had to keep up with him every 20 minutes.

So I crashed the market. The first round was a 52g undercut to drive those high sell glyphs down. Threshold is 2g84s, fallback 5g. After the first round, I changed my undercut to 40s and postcap to 5 glyphs per round and I am holding 2,5k Glyphs at the AH (3,3k total at the AH), so I don't have to check every few hours my auctions.

With my new won time, I am going to farm some of my missing achievements for my warlock. Right now I am farming Ravenholdt rep to revered so that I can turn in Heavy Junkboxer from my farmer. If I get lazy on rep farming, I grind some HKs in Isle of Conquest for my 100k and Master of Isle of Conquest achievements.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Metatrons free Epic Gems


Todays tip is for everyone who have 30 minutes time per week for gaining 1 to 2 free epic gems.

Well it is quite simple one, but most people are not doing Wintergrasp cause of laziness, lags or an overpowerd opposite faction.

But if you invest some time for doing your Wintergrasp weeklies, you will get something around 18,6k honor (+PvP honor), 50 Stone Keeper Shards and <66g for only one Wintergrasp victory. If you purchase your honor for epic gems, then you make 200g+ for 30 minutes of work (???) and you can repeat it on all your lvl 80 alts.

So if you have some time between crafting (or while crafting^^) and camping the AH, you can make a stop in Wintergrasp for some easy to obtain money.