Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boaah is Back ;3

It was a long time since my last post/auction..

I got many things to do irl, I moved to Erfurt (400km from away from my old City) and my relationship with my GF is terminated(i hope that it is the right Word).. That’s the reason why the lust is gone but now I feel like coming back to the AH. ;p I left my Raid Guild and I’m playing Pvp only atm (4 Achievements left for Battlemaster). The plans for my first Pvp Video have started.

One of my friends stopped playing. The problem is, that his Account got every Professions that I needed (BS and JC). So that I need a new way to make gold and I calculated around and thought, that I should be able to make Gold with Cooking. So, I skilled cooking from 200-447. Now I have to learn the Recipes and that will take some Days but the first 2 Recipes are Available and already made gold with it. ;p

The next Blog Post will contain some Analysis in connection with Cooking on our Realm.