Sunday, November 8, 2009

I support Goldsellers!

Well not directly, but if you think about the Goldseller cycle, it makes me a little bit happy that I as a goblin can make a lot more money than a Goldseller could do.

The normal cycle works like this:

Goldseller farms Ore/Herb/Leather or other stuff and sell it to us goblins (most of the time) for gold. We make something more valuable and sell it to community. Now the community is buying gold from goldsellers.

So indirect I support Goldsellers, even if I don't like their way of making money. In the end, I will make even more gold when the community is buying gold from Goldsellers. If you think a short time about buying gold, you will mention that you will buy your own gold. Sounds a little bit stupid to buy your own stuff for real cash, isn't it? ^^


  1. "Sounds a little bit stupid to buy your own stuff for real cash, isn't it? "

    But the counter to that is time is money. I don't buy gold because its fairly easy for me to get. It is not that way for everyone.

    If you own your own business or can work extra hours all you want and lets say you make $20 an hour. If you need to mow your yard you can do it your self. It will cost you nothing. Or you can pay the kid next door $10 and go to work for an hour. You got both your yard work done and an extra $10 in your pocket.

    That is where people are tempted to buy gold. If they can work an extra hour of overtime to make $20 and in turn buy gold with it. They can take the time they would have spent earning gold and instead play the fun parts of the game.

  2. @KevMar

    That is so true. I fully support people buying Gold IF its for epic flying mounts - effectively removing the gold from the communal pool.

    If your buying gold to buy BoE epics or other over priced auction house fodder then your essentially just buying the item and not the gold as the gold probably goes straight back to the gold seller, which they in turn resell. I think is more "wasteful" I guess.

    Plus most of the gold prices are kind of high cosindering this. and if you buy into the whole forced child labor gold farmers then yea the price of buying gold is even higher and the moral cost too.